Waist Trainer Weight Loss Clincher & Body Shaper

Weight Loss Cincher & Body Shaper

  • Weight loss sauna waist trainer :Strong compression, let you sweat more, help you to discharge toxins, accelerate the burning process of fat calories, maintain muscle warmth and support, and reduce physical fatigue.

  • Slimming waist trimmer :Steel Bones Techonology prevent rolling up or down when moving or sitting down. Adjustable velcro Trainer belt with hook & eye for different level of compression.

  • Tummy control shapewear :Scientific design and compression of fitness waist trainer helps straighten and support your back, correct your posture, flatten your abdomen.

  • Waist trainer :This Weight Loss Belt helps to boost thermo activity and gently lifts underbust, and delivers tummy control immediately after putting it on. It helps you to get a quicker post pregnancy recovery. Perfect for everyday wear, and it could gives you the hourglass curves instantly and can be used during work, daily outfit, workout, fitness or sauna.

  • Attention: When New the neoprene waist clincher may have a “rubber smell” when you receive it, however it will go after hand washing with soft soap in cool water and hang drying. Hand wash and hang dry is recommended after each use.