Magnetic Health Therapeutic Copper Bracelet Arthritis Relief

Magnetic Health Therapeutic Copper Bracelet Arthritis Relief


It  has long been reported that magnetic bracelets could help with arthritis, migraine and fatigue. Extra Strength Magnets could open the flow of blocked energy and help detoxify the body.

In ancient times, magnets could balanced positive and negative currents.This Magnetic Therapy Link Bracelet could improve sub-health status and promote metabolism; effectively prevent UV and computer radiation.

Magnets may help to alleviate arthritis, aches and pains and joint problems. Blood circulation is said to improve with the use of magnets. 

Far Infra-red (FIR)  oxygenates and purifies the blood. It can help prevent osteoparosis and is essential for bone growth.

Germanium helps the immune system. The Holy Waters of Lourdes have an unusually high germanium content and it's said that some of its powers can be attributed to the high germanium content. 

Negative Ions help to balance the body's bio electrical current and they are used extensively in power balance type bracelets or energy bracelets. People using these type of bracelets often report having a deeper sounder sleep, more energy and higher level of general wellbeing. 




All sizes are approximate depending on length of link  and can be adjusted easily with the link adjustment tool